Application for Registration of Private Label Product Based on Registered Initial Product

Privacy Notice Statement

Health Canada
Collection and use of personal information in this application is in accordance with the federal Privacy Act.

The personal information you provide is collected under the authority of section 6(1)(a) of the Pest Control Product Regulations for the purpose of contacting the applicant in regards to the application and to communicate any decisions and outcomes of the application.

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Instruction 1

Initial Product Registration Number and Name

Input the registration number assigned to the Initial Product. State product name as per Initial Product Registration Certificate.

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Instruction 2

Initial Product Registrant Information

Input the name, postal address and telephone number of the registrant for the Initial Product.

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Instruction 3

Private Label Applicant Information

Input the name and postal address of the applicant, as it will appear on the label.

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Instruction 4

Canadian Agent

Applicants from outside of Canada must show the name and address of their resident Canadian agent. Canadian applicants are not required to complete this section.

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Instruction 5


Formal correspondence, including the Registration Letter, Certificate of Registration, and Approved Label text will be sent to the Regulatory Mailing address identified in #3.

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Instruction 6

Private Label Product Name, Assigned Private Label Registration Number, Guarantee, Type and Size of Container

The product name of the new private label product, which may include a distinctive brand or trademark.

Words or phrases descriptive of the purpose and physical form of the product must be included on the primary panel of the label, but do not need to be part of the product name.

Indicate registration number of the Private Label Product as assigned by the Initial Product registrant.
List the guaranteed amounts of the active ingredients by using common or chemical names as per Initial Product specifications.

Indicate the type of packaging for the product. List the sizes of containers for the product. The container size(s) and type(s) must be selected from the size(s) and type(s) approved on the Statement of Product Specification form of the Initial Product.

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Instruction 7


Signature of Initial Product registrant acknowledging that the Private Label product will have the identical formulation and uses as the Initial Product.

Signature of applicant acknowledging that the named formulator will produce the product and that label changes must be cleared through the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. If the Initial Product registrant signs for the Private Label applicant, a letter of signature authorization from the Private Label applicant is required.

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1. Initial Product Instruction 1

2. Initial Product Registrant Name and Address Instruction 2

3. Private Label Applicant Name and Mailing Address Instruction 3

4. Submission Contact Instruction 4

5. Communication Instruction 5

Formal correspondence, including the Registration Letter, Certificate of Registration, and Approved Label text will be sent to the Regulatory Mailing Address identified in block 3.

Would you like a copy sent to the Submission Contact identified in Block 4?   

6. Private Label Instruction 6

Container Material: (required)

Size of container
Size range / units : to
or Size(s) / units
7. Declaration Instruction 7

Specifications, including sources of all ingredients, will be the same for the Private Label product as for the Initial Product. The Private Label product will be made on the same production line as the Initial Product. The Private Label will differ only in product name, company address, registration number and trade dress.

Privacy Notice Statement