Declaration by Importer of Control Products

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The personal information you provide is collected under the authority of section 36(a) of the Pest Control Product Regulations for the purpose of contacting the applicant in regards to the application and to communicate any decisions and outcomes of the application.

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  • Type or print clearly.
  • Complete and retain last copy.
  • Two copies are to be attached to the customs entry.
  • The Collector of National Revenue will forward the original to the nearest regional office of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (See below).

All control products imported into Canada for sale or manufacture must be registered under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA). Those control products imported for research purposes should be so marked on the signed statement, as these are not subject to registration under the Act.

Description of Control Products

  1. Registration Number - If the product has an assigned registration number under the Pest Control Products Act, show the number. For those products regulated under Schedule II of the Pest Control Products Act, state “Scheduled under the Pest Control Products Act”.
  2. Product Name and Active Ingredients - The brand and name of the product should be given in full. For each product, show the active ingredient(s) by common or chemical name and the amount of each active ingredient.
  3. Quantity of Product - Express the amount of product by mass in kilograms or volume in litres.
  4. Purpose for Importation - State the purpose for importation for each product as one of the following: FOR RESALE, FOR MANUFACTURING PURPOSES OR FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES.

Requirements Under the Pest Control Products Act

Collectors of National Revenue may hold any control product until the provisions of the Act and Regulations made thereunder are properly conformed with and may refuse entry and may cause the deportation of any control product when advised by an inspector that it has not been registered by the Act or that its sale in Canada would be contrary to any of the provisions of the Act and Regulations thereunder.


Registration Number PCPA Product name, active ingredients and amounts Quantity (Kg, L) Purpose for Importation (RESALE,

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Dating stamp of point at which shipment cleared at customs
I hereby certify that the information provided is complete and correct in respect of this shipment of control product(s) for entry into Canada.     
Privacy Notice Statement